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Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Payable Processing

Processing of Accounts Payable invoices can be a time consuming and costly exercise.

Technology and modern best practice have vastly improved the old fashioned methods of processing invoices that until now haven’t changed significantly for decades.

You can now achieve significant cost savings for your business by implementing new technology and processes.

Bentleys can help to provide you with a specifically tailored solution where we do all the work, whilst you retain full control and visibility over your business.

Get ahead of your competitors by adopting these new practices now.

The Bentleys Accounts Payable Solution utilises latest technology and systems that will give you a “paperless” solution that will not only save you time and money, but eliminate the need for expensive storage of paper invoices.

Benefits of the Bentleys Accounts Payable Solution include:

  • Reduced Processing Costs - generally around 30% cost reduction from old fashioned processing techniques
  • Automation - leading to more regular processing and “Real Time Accounting”
  • Reduced Error Rates
  • Paperless System - no storage and no searching for paper
  • Reduced Fraud and Duplicate Payment Risk
  • Stronger Financial Controls
  • Improved Trading Partner Satisfaction

In addition to these benefits your business can save the need of employing costly additional staff and their associated costs of space, equipment and sick and annual leave, by outsourcing the Accounts Payable function.

Let us take care of your Accounts Payable processing and start saving time and money today.

Call Toni Alford today on +649 600 3900 to arrange a personalised proposal that will demonstrate the benefits to you and your business.

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