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International Alliance

Kreston International

Bentleys New Zealand is a proud member of Kreston International, a global network of independent accounting firms.
Kreston International member firms commit to compliance with national professional standards and to adhere to the following international standards:

  • International standards on quality control                
  • International standards on auditing for the conduct of transnational audits
  • Code of ethics as issued by the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants.
Founded in 1971 and based in the UK, Kreston offers reliable and convenient access to quality services through member firms located around the globe. Kreston is now present in 108 countries with 186 firms providing a resource of over 20,000 professional and support staff.
In today’s economic climate, with rapidly developing new markets, improved communications, and greater international mobility, businesses operate on an increasingly global scale. Successful global organisations use the services of accountants and advisors in each country to take advantage of their local expertise and contacts.
Whether you are entering the international business arena for the first time, or building upon an existing global enterprise, Kreston members are there to offer you extensive professional services. The first-hand knowledge of local regulations and customs provided by your Kreston member firm can give your organisation an invaluable competitive advantage in the world market place.
Kreston member firms are accustomed to working closely together on client assignments to deliver international solutions, and the business network is reinforced by regular regional and international conferences.
Bentleys holds one of the International Committee positions and is actively involved in promoting Kreston within New Zealand and Australia.
Kreston is also a member of the Forum of Firms, an association of international networks of accounting firms that perform transnational audits and promote the consistent application of high-quality audit practices worldwide.
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