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Strategy advice to set you on the fast track

Bentleys offer a number of solutions in regard to company governance and administration. Whether you are looking for a formal director appointment or utilising our expertise as an advisor to management, we can assist in ensuring your business is kept on track.

Why appoint Bentleys as an independent director or advisor?

  • Too often an owner can get caught up in the day to day running of the business.
  • An independent person offers fresh, unbiased thinking looking from the outside whilst understanding the business.
  • Encourages accountability and transparency.
  • Positioned to act in best interests of the business without any personal bias or stake.
  • Considers the strategic vision for the company.
  • Has extensive networks to help the company grow.
  • Performs a monthly review of financial information.
  • Keeps you on target.
  • Provides strong Leadership.
  • Brings a wider skillset to the table.
  • Our directors, Nick den Heijer and Roger Thompson have extensive and respected experience advising boards in a variety of businesses and industries.

Bentleys holds monthly board meetings for many clients, in our boardroom or yours. In addition to facilitating and advising management, we can provide the entire suite of secretarial services required to run your meetings.

Don’t get left behind. Appoint a Bentleys Advisor to the Board today. Contact a Bentleys Advisor to discuss your needs.

Nick Den Heijer
Phone: +64 9 600 3901