Bentleys in the Cloud

Why Choose Bentleys

Nick den Heijer and Roger Thompson established Bentleys New Zealand in 2014 with a desire to create a firm specialising in utilising modern technology and best practice methodologies to provide the most effective and efficient solutions to clients. In establishing their Auckland inner city office, they recognised that Australasian and international networks were very important to them and their clients and hence the relationship with Bentleys Australia, a group of like-minded, thinking ahead firms was formed.

There are many reasons to choose Bentleys:

  • We deliver exceptional client service and sound, strategic solutions.
  • Our directors, Nick den Heijer and Roger Thompson have a long history of providing clarity, knowledge and innovation to businesses of all sizes.
  • As a progressive firm, we are constantly adapting to the changing business environment.
  • We practice what we preach. We are a paperless office operating fully in the cloud.

You, our valued client, are our focus

We enjoy long and successful relationships with many businesses, public organisations and family groups. We are large enough to offer you a range of expertise yet flexible enough to give you personalised service. This is The Bentleys Experience.

We think ahead and provide innovative solutions
We help you achieve your business potential by providing creative and practical solutions.

Your business is our business
Business is our world, we live it and breathe it, we understand it.

  • We listen to the concerns, needs and priorities of small and medium businesses.
  • We work closely with you to ensure you reach your goals.
  • We know what factors are influencing your industry and are well positioned to give you timely and well-structured advice.

We are thinking Digitally with the Bentleys App

In line with our commitment to Thinking Ahead we are also thinking digitally with the creation of the Bentleys App. This app has been developed to allow easy access to relevant information. Future releases will include increased functionality to allow even greater access to information and features to support our Advisors and Clients. 

In simple terms – we think ahead.

The Bentleys Experience is more than rhetoric: it’s our guarantee of exceptional service.

All Bentleys staff are committed to the Bentleys Experience. We ensure there is a clear understanding with our clients about the work we will perform, the support we require of our clients to enable us to perform effectively and our pricing and delivery dates. We strive to thoroughly understand our clients’ businesses and goals in order to help them achieve their goals and objectives.

What our clients say

"[Nick has been]… an integral part of our business for many years. [His] knowledge, advice and assistance has been invaluable, we highly recommend Bentleys as a business partner and asset to anyone who uses their services."

"Staff are extremely professional, welcoming and more than happy to help any way they can for a positive outcome."

Expertise that’s easy to understand

We understand that many of our clients are not trained in accounting and finance. We write our communications in plain English so that it’s easy to understand and absorb in a short amount of time.

What our clients say

“The professional surroundings and friendly helpful team keep me coming back.”

"Bentleys … provides the big business feel with the small practice warmth that is a great match to our expectations. You feel appreciated as a customer and not just like another file on the shelf."

Your time is valuable

We believe in relationships, not transactions, with our clients. At Bentleys, we make time to come and see you at your business. We also provide cloud solutions to save your time with the administrative burden of managing your finances.

What our clients say

- “Bentleys have provided professional services for my business and personal needs. In a period of business stress they have been understanding of my situation and have provided the basis for an ongoing relationship.”

We understand the value of time for our clients. We strive to be available for you and if you miss us, we get back to you on the same day. We are partners with you to ensure your business grows and thrives.

What our clients say

“I feel confident that I am getting the right information and Bentleys makes me feel like a valued customer.”

Think ahead. Talk to Bentleys  today.