Benchmark your Real Estate Business.

How do you rate against your competitors?

Real Estate is a competitive market where generally only the top two or three agencies in each market area are profitable whilst the remaining agencies struggle to breakeven and even lose money.

So how do you as a real estate business owner ensure you are in the top three agencies, or even better how do you get to be the number one agency and retain that spot indefinitely.

BENCHMARKING your business against the market to see where you are weak and where you are strong is a vital tool to enable business owners to direct their valuable management time to get to number one.

As a business owner you will have endless issues to attend to each day. But how do you get clarity of purpose and focus your valuable time into areas that are going to make your business number one and drive the profitability and success of your business.

One of the key tools to do this, is regular monthly BENCHMARKING.

Leading edge software such as XERO and MYDESKTOP allow real estate data to be presented in a manner that allows quick efficient BENCHMARKING against your competitors to see where you are doing well and where you have room for improvement.

These processes can be automated, and process driven and produced without significant extra work and cost once reporting templates have been established.

Using BENCHMARKING unlocks strategic insight into the key areas to focus on to drive profitability, cashflow, the number one position, and long term success in the real estate industry.

Bentleys, as Real Estate experts, have developed a team that can build a reporting template for business owners to use as a strategic tool in managing and driving the performance of your business.

As Outsourcing, Xero and MyDesktop experts we have a team of talented Xero certified advisors that can work with you to develop a BENCHMARKING reporting tool that you can use every month.

For more information about BENCHMARKING, contact us now, and we will arrange for an advisor to discuss the process with you.

Real Estate is a tough competitive market where being the winner in your market is key. Getting there using smart analysis available through BENCHMARKING is essential.

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