More Effective Business Units (EBU's) = More Profit?

Achieve better profits by streamlining your systems with effective business units

We all know top agents in Real Estate that consistently perform at the elite level generating strong sustainable income.

When we analysis the success of these agents a common factor is that they run Effective Business Units (EBU's).

They organise themselves with sound business practices to ensure a steady pipeline of potential sales being progressed through the stages of securing a listing to finalising the sale.

Through the implementation of lead generation, effective appraisal systems, listing efficiency and strong selling skills these agents constantly outperform the market and become very valuable to the Real Estate Agency.

These EBU's ensure that there is a high volume of transactions constantly generating income for the agent and the business.

These effective business systems avoid the troughs that less structured agents experience.

To help average agents climb to the next level and produce higher more regular income without the troughs, Real Estate Agencies are more often providing a company EBU structure and support.

A company funded EBU infrastructure that an average agent can plug into for an agreed period can act as a great mechanism to encourage the agent to move to their own full EBU model.

It can also act as a wonderful recruitment tool and help make the Agency an attractive place to work for existing agents.

Some of the types of EBU support services that more Agencies are providing include:

     Lead Generation
     Open Home Calls
     Communication with neighbours of sold properties
     Digital Marketing (sending regular content)
     Call centre
     Database Management
     Specialist appraisals/listing team members
     Secretarial Support/Personal assistant support

Whilst there is a cost associated with an Agency providing this type of support, the experience is that Agents that use these services and follow this process make significantly better profits for themselves and the company.

These enhanced profits more than cover the investment and provide a very healthy return on investment to the business owner.

Having more agents using EBU's typically increases market share and spreads the risk of having too few agents that the company is overly dependent on.

Additionally, it is possible to pass on any costs of company supported EBU investment through to the agents in several ways that agents readily find acceptable as they appreciate the value of the company managed EBU process.

Another aspect of a company supported EBU structure is that the costs associated with it can be kept low through the use of outsourcing and the utilisation of cost-efficient contract staff.

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