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Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling

A budget is an essential tool and roadmap for your business.

A budget is the financial expression of your target for your business. It is where you want to go. Actual results are compared to this to ensure you are following the path to reach your targets. A forecast is your expectation of what will actually happen in due course based on what is happening in your business now. It is the financial radar of where you are actually going. The two, along with your monthly financial statements, and your accountant, work together to give you clarity on the profitability and cash flow of your business.

Good forecasting will give you the peace of mind that your business is on the right track and that there are plans in place to manage cash flow, improve profitability and grow the value of your business.

Why does your business need budgeting and forecasting?

  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Ability to forecast the financial impact of decisions
  • A basis for Staff performance evaluation
  • In many situations banks require them
  • Ensure you are on track to meeting your goals
  • Identify cash flow problems before they occur
  • Increase staff Motivation
  • Ensures decisions made are compatible with your overall strategy and goals
  • Identifying cash flow highs and lows and funding requirements
  • Effective Provisional tax planning

The uncertainty of running a business can be significantly reduced by implementing a robust forecasting process. Modern software allows integration of your accounting software in to forecasting tools that make it quick and efficient to update forecasts and make rolling forecasts a key component, if not the most important tool, for managing your business.

Through the use of modern software and extensive business knowledge and experience, Bentleys has developed a cohesive, efficient approach to preparing these essential tools for your business. Reduce your uncertainty and eliminate the stress of surprise around your cash flow and profitability and talk to Bentleys Chartered Accountants today. Take the important step to actively manage your cash flow and profitability rather than it managing you.

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